1.2米玻璃管 1
1.2米玻璃管 2
1.2米玻璃管 3
1.2米玻璃管 6
1.2米玻璃管 1
1.2米玻璃管 2
1.2米玻璃管 3
1.2米玻璃管 6

LED Tube Light-009

  • Vorlane exclusive R&D Dimmable method with stable quality and ease operation
  • Glass housing with good heat dissipation and dazzle free design
  • Adopting high brightness and long lifetime led bead


Model Power Size(m) Lumen Lumens Input Voltage CRI Material
VL006-Tube-009-16W 16W 1.2 1600 90LM/W AC165-265V ≧70 Glass+PC
VL006-Tube-009-18W-1700lm 18W 1700
VL006-Tube-009-18W-1800lm 18W 1800
VL006-Tube-009-20W 20W 2000
VL006-Tube-009-22W 22W 2200
VL006-Tube-009-24W 24W 2400
VL006-Tube-009-30W 30W 3000
VL006-Tube-009-40W 40W 4000
VL006-Tube-009-50W 50W 5000
VL006-Tube-009-60W 60W 5500
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