Top 10 LED Strip Light Manufacturers in India [2024 Updated]

The demand for LED lights in India is increasing at a rapid pace. It is because of the benefits that LED lights offer to households and commercial space owners that they prefer this option. This encourages many manufacturers to enter the market, thereby making the competition tough. 

LED lights last longer, are efficient, leverage less energy, and are easy to maintain as well. With overwhelming LED light options available, it becomes hard for one to decide which one to shop for. Below we list the top 10 LED strip light manufacturers in India for our readers to make an informed choice. 

Best 10 LED Strip Light Manufacturers in India

It is of utmost importance that one makes an ideal choice when it comes to lighting their home. Lights are used every day and so one needs to make sure that they make the best judgment to attract less energy consumption and durable options. 

Company NameEstablishment YearLocation
Vorlane2007China, India
Avni Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd2009Bengaluru
InstaPower Ltd2011Gurgaon
NTL Lemnis India Pvt Ltd2012Noida
VIN Semiconductors Pvt Ltd2009Mumbai
Abby Lighting and Switchgear Ltd2010Mumbai
Sujana Energy Ltd1989Hyderabad
Goldwyn Ltd1987Noida
Reiz Electrocontrols Pvt Ltd1938New Delhi
Optics and Allied Engineering Pvt Ltd1985Bengaluru
Bajaj Electricals Ltd1938Mumbai


Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, Industry

Headquarters: China

Factories: China, India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 2007

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001:2015, Downlight BIS Certificate

Vorlane logo 4

One of the leading LED strip light manufacturers when it comes to LED lighting options. They are into designing, developing and manufacturing our products. The company has a robust presence across the nation through sales, marketing, support centers, etc. With a wide variety of options available when it comes to LED lighting, it has a large base of satisfied customers who repeat their purchases from the brand. 

Key Products

Avni Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Establishment Year: 2009

Certifications: ETDC, ISO: 9001-2008, UL, Bengaluru, and ERTL Kolkata. 

Avni Energy

With over a decade of experience in the LED lighting industry, Avni Energy offers a range of LED strip lights and LED lighting to its customers at cost-effective rates. The company is committed to offering nothing but only the best in the industry. They strive for excellence and have a vast product spread of lights, fixtures, etc. The company has a huge number of products installed across the nation and in other countries as well. 

Key Products

InstaPower Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Gurgaon

Establishment Year: 2011

Certificates: ESCO

Instapower logo 1

Instapower is one of the largest producers of LED strip lights and other LED lights that have domestic and commercial purposes. It specializes in manufacturing aviation obstruction lights in India and delivers its products to other countries as well. Its manufacturing units are all equipped with the latest technology machines and state-of-the-art equipment to offer superior quality products. 

Key Products

NTL Lemnis India Pvt Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Headquarters: Noida

Establishment Year: 2012

NTL logo

Operations and the supply of this firm’s products are not limited to India, but it also has a great reputation in other parts of the world. Being one of the leading manufacturers of LED strip light products and having a good amount of experience, the company has earned a great reputation in the industry. The LED lighting solutions of this company are loved by the end-users, and it has several repeat customers. It offers durable options that would last longer than the expectations of its consumers. 

Key Products

VIN Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment Year: 2005

VIN Logo

VIN is one of the strongest contenders operating in the LED lighting industry. With several years of experience, the company is well-aware of the needs of its consumers and it delivers the same ensuring quality. Its facilities have automated machines integrated with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the best. The firm has a team of highly skilled and professional people who strive to provide complete solutions to the end-users. 

Key Products

  • LED strip lighting
  • Modules for Signs
  • Downlights
  • LED Lights
  • Floodlights
  • Video walls and ceiling lights

Abby Lighting and Switchgear Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment Year: 2009

Abby logo

The company is another leading producer of LED strip lights and other LED fixtures. It supplies its products throughout the nation and, at some times, exports as well. With a great industry experience, it delivers products as per the needs of its users. The firm makes it a point to stay competitive in the industry, so it keeps launching innovative products. Abby Lighting has been delivering high-end lighting solutions for years now. Right from start to finish, the company has in-house processes to ensure quality results. 

Key Products

Sujana Energy Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Headquarters: Hyderabad

Establishment Year: 2010

Sujana Energy logo

The company is growing at a rapid pace in India’s LED strip lighting industry. The company is also known for its “responsible energy” mindset and encourages people to generate power through renewable sources. It caters to the consumer and commercial markets located throughout the world, with its high-quality products. Its products are used for solar photovoltaic applications and LED lighting. The company strives to find and explore various opportunities in the field of LED displays and lighting options. 

Key Products

  • LED Strip lights
  • Portable LED lights for outdoor and indoor usage.

Goldwyn Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Headquarters: Noida

Establishment Year: 1989

Goldwyn logo 1

With great industry experience, Goldwyn is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED strip lights and other LED lighting products. They offer a vast range of aesthetically and modern designed products to add value to one’s space. Their efficient lighting solutions are best for both internal and external applications. The firm owns a modern manufacturing plant with the latest tools and technologies to ensure quality. It manufactures all crucial components of a lighting unit and installs them themselves. 

Key Products

Reiz Electrocontrols Pvt Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment Year: 1987

Reiz logo 1

Reiz Electrocontrols is a leading LED strip lighting producer in the Indian industry. The company is into manufacturing all the components required to make an LED light in-house. Having said that, components like electrical, mechanical, optical, and thermal are all manufactured in-house. It has a vast manufacturing space spread over an area of 5574.18 sq meters and is all equipped with the latest technology machines. The firm manufactures products for several international brands as well. 

Key Products

  • Outdoor Luminaires
  • LED indoor lights
  • Electronic Control Gears
  • LED strip lights

Optics and Allied Engineering Pvt Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Establishment Year: 1985

Optica logo

The company has been operating in the LED lighting industry for several years now and is, therefore, aware of the ins and outs. It has developed competence and skills in developing innovative lighting and similar solutions. It has a vast manufacturing facility with the latest technology machinery to manufacture quality products on a budget. 

Key Products

  • Optics and lenses
  • LED backlights
  • LED strip lights

Bajaj Electricals Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment Year: 1938

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001

Bajaj Electricals Ltd

Bajaj Electricals Ltd, a stalwart in the Indian electrical equipment manufacturing industry, has been illuminating lives for more than eight decades. Renowned for its wide array of electrical products, Bajaj Electricals is particularly celebrated for its innovative LED strip lights and comprehensive lighting solutions, which are offered at competitive prices. The company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability has cemented its status as a leader in the field. With a robust portfolio that includes everything from domestic lighting to large-scale industrial installations, Bajaj Electricals boasts a significant footprint across India and abroad.

Key Products:

  • LED Bulbs
  • LED Strip Lights
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Home Decorative Lighting

Bajaj Electricals is committed to enhancing customer experiences through superior product quality and relentless innovation. Their extensive range of lighting solutions is designed to meet the diverse needs of customers, ensuring energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The company’s nationwide presence and comprehensive after-sales service further reinforce its reputation as a trusted brand in the electrical and lighting industry.


In our article, we list the top 10 LED strip light manufacturers. Next time when someone is on the lookout for quality products for their home or commercial space, they can have a look at this list. Buy from a leading LED light manufacturer to be sure of the quality and price. Leading manufacturers and suppliers deliver quality products at competitive prices. For high-quality goods for the lighting business, please contact Vorlane.

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